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History of Spring Hill AME Church

     In the year of eighteen hundred ninety-nine, the Spring Hill AME Church started under a bush harbor. A few faithful citizens, who were determined to worship a true and living God came into possession of one acre of land. The Trustees at that time were Marcus Wright, Richard Boatwright, William Doughty, John Richburg, and Thomas Gipson. In 1907, the foundation for the church was laid. This structure, a one-story wooden building, was located near a secondary road in the southwestern part of Clarendon County. 

     Through the years, the church continued to grow and gain strength, from 1907 to 1960 under the leadership of Reverends Worley, Allison Watkins, Jenkins, Watson, Elmar, Williams, Chisum, Jeanerette, Boyd, Wells, Delaine, Hammett, Felder, Middleton, Hampton, and Duval, Spring Hill flourished. 

In 1960, Rev F.S. Felder was appointed pastor of Spring Hill AME Church. The pastor, officers, and members were determined to make progress and decided to renovate the church. After a few months of hard work, the trustees felt that they had enough money to begin the process of renovation, when renovation began, they found the older structure in such bad condition they decided not renovate. Instead, they decided to build a one-story building made of clement blocks. The foundation was laid. The pastor, officers, and members worked together to get the job done. Before the job was completed. Rev Felder was called home to rest. 

     Rev. J. W. Seals was appointed pastor of Spring Hill AME Church in 1964. He came on the some with vigor and courage to continue the work on the new sanctuary. He served as pastor until 1968, when he retired due to illness. Although the building was incomplete, the congregation began having services in the sanctuary. Rev Pleasant succeeded Rev Seals as pastor and served for a short period of time. 

In 1969, Rev Roosevelt Barr, was appointed pastor of Spring Hill AME Church and served until 1972. During his administration, in the year 1972, the new sanctuary was complete. 

Rev Ambros Simmons was appointed pastor in 1972 and served until 1977. He retired and dedicated his life to missionary service. Rev Tolbert was appointed pastor in 1977 and served until 1983. Under his direction-, Spring Hill purchased a church organ. In 1983, Rev Calvin was appointed pastor and served over a year. 

     Rev Philip Mason was appointed pastor of Spring Hill AME Church in 1985. Dedicated to his parishioners, he was able to envision their dreams of church expansion with the persistence of Mother Florence Lemon, Mother Easter Conyers, and other, the goal was set to fund and build the fellowship hall. Rev Mixon utilized his construction talents and physical labor to complete the project. He was truly a part of Spring Hill’s vision of determination, love, and faith. Rev Mixon never grew tired of his service to God, church, and the community during his extensive tenure at this church. Numerous projects were completed during those twenty years. 

     In 2012, Rev Emma J Mellerson became pastor of Spring Hill AME Church. Under the direction of Rev Mellerson, we explored new ways to keep our vision of determination, faith, and love alive. Some pioneers of the church were recognized through the naming of rooms in their honor. The room on the left side of pulpit was named Joseph Richburg room. The room on the right side of the James Conyers room. The fellowship hall was named in honor of Rev Philip Mixon and Mrs. Florence Lemon. The Pioneer Wall in the fellowship hall was created to continue honoring other pioneers of Spring Hill AME Church. Also, the room on the left side of the sanctuary was remodeled. Other accomplishments included painting the outside of the church, repairing the church vents. A new refrigerator and a new copy machine were purchased. The Sons of Allen repaired the ramp at the rear of the church. Items including a microwave, stove, covering for kitchen and connecting room floors, bookshelf, and television were donated by several church members. 

     Elder Eddie Gaston served as pastor during most of the 2017-2018 conference year. Rev. Benjamin Dwight was appointed pastor Spring Hill for the 2018-2019 conference year. Under the leadership of Rev. Dwight Spring Hill for the 2018-2019 conference year. Under the leadership of Rev. Dwight, Spring Hill will continue to strive because we are determined, with the help of God, to carry on the legacy of our predecessors and to maintain this sanctuary.  

     In 2020, Rev. Joshua Howell was appointed pastor of Spring Hill AME Church. Under the leadership of Rev. Howell, Spring Hill AME Church has a Facebook page and YouTube Channel. Spring Hill AME Church of Summerton, South Carolina worship service can be seen on social media. Almighty God has blessed Spring Hill AME Church. Spring Hill AME Church has reach into a new level in History, Love, and Service. Convid-19 has kept us away from fellowship with each other face to face. Almighty God has given Spring Hill AME Church the resources to have wordship through SpringHill AME Church Facebook page and SpringHill AME Church Summerton SC YouTube channel. Everybody can see and hear how Almighty God through Jesus Christ has kept Spring Hill growing every day. The legacy of this church can Spring Forward into a new level in Almighty God through Jesus Christ.

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